Salem Witch Trials & Due Process

This month we have really delved into the Halloween spirit and we have been learning about all things spooky and mysterious. Today we spent some time in 1692 Salem Massachusetts visiting one of the most infamous times in American History; the Salem Witch Trials. While this is a fascinating story shrouded in mystery, perfect for … Continue reading Salem Witch Trials & Due Process

Good Parents Homeschool!

A simple fact in life is good parents homeschool their children. Those who do not engage in homeschooling are neglecting their children's education. Some of you who are reading this are already getting upset but before you start throwing things at me let me explain. I am a full-time homeschooler this means that my kids … Continue reading Good Parents Homeschool!

Life Should Be Fair But Not Always Equal

You may have read the title of this blog post and thought that I was speaking about race, ethnicity, culture or religion but that is not my intent. I am talking about life in general, the importance of teaching kids that while life should be fair it's not always meant to be equal. Let me … Continue reading Life Should Be Fair But Not Always Equal