Preparing and Perservering Through a Pandemic

I don’t think anyone knew that December of 2019 would be the last time life would feel normal for any of us. We started 2020 off with a brand new baby and a plan to move to Tennessee to start our homestead. We never expected government shutdowns, mandatory masks or food shortages. Covid-19 swept in and made life very difficult but we persevered and made our move. Starting over in a new state, with a brand new baby during a pandemic was not easy but we are happy to have made the move. We were able to establish a small garden and start a flock of egg laying ducks and chickens. This journey has been a difficult one but we are hoping to have a productive little farmstead by the end of next year.

While 2020 has been a difficult year it has taught us how fragile and unexpected life can be. One of the nice things about our little homestead is that we are somewhat insulated from the chaos of the world. Unfortunately, as the rioting continues to gain momentum and the civil unrest spreads across the nation it has become apparent that we aren’t insulated enough.

I can’t believe the amount of violence and hatred being spread across the nation. The main stream media continues to stir the pot and our Democratic politicians want to justify criminal behavior because it helps their political agenda. I used to believe that Democrats, while they held liberal views that I could not personally align with, wanted what was best for America. Now it is clear that the Democratic party has gone so far off track that protecting The United States of America is no longer a priority. They are purposely causing civil unrest because they know if they divide America they can gain control.
Democrats in office no longer care about you and I. All they care about is power and wealth. The rioting in this country needs to stop but it won’t happen until Democrats stand up against it. I don’t see this happening in the foreseeable future do you?
The next upcoming presidential election will be one of the most important elections this country will face. This year the United States will choose to either protect the country our founding fathers envisioned or it will choose to open the door to socialism. Socialism has proven detrimental time and time again and I believe it will destroy our country. If we allow Joe Biden to be elected 2021 will make 2020 seem like a picnic.

I plan to vote for Donald Trump because I feel he represents our country best. He isn’t perfect and he has made mistakes but ultimately I feel he has made decisions with the focus on every day Americans. While I hope enough like minded individuals make it to the polls on election day I’ll also be preparing for the unexpected.

How will you prepare for the unexpected? I am planning a larger garden and raising animals to help us become less reliant on the grocery store.

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