Raising Political Kids

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November 6th was an important day in our household as well as in many households across the nation as we marched to the polls to have our voices heard. I truly love election day and I take my responsibility as a voter very seriously. It is important to not only participate in elections but also to be as informed as you can regarding candidates, their stance on issues and the various proposals on the ballot.

As a homeschooler, I used the days up to the election to drive home the importance of voting in this country. We discussed the history of voting, how the election process works and how to become an informed voter. On election day my kids were able to come to the polls and witness their mom cast her vote. That night we turned on the news and watched as the votes rolled in to see the outcome. I tried to make the event as exciting as possible because I want them to be passionate about politics.

During our election night celebration, my daughter asked me whether she should be a Republican or a Democrat when she became an adult. I love that she asked this question because it gave me a chance to talk to them about what my expectations were for them once they reached the age to vote. My husband and I are both pretty conservative Republicans and many people might think that because we homeschool we are going to force our children into being Republicans. This is not true instead of raising our kids to affiliate themselves with a specific party we have chosen to raise our kids to simply be political. I want them to be passionate and active voters who take the time and care to understand the issues. I don’t care what their political affiliations end up being I only care that they treat the voting process with respect and recognize the honor it is to be able to vote in the first place. I want them to stand up for what they believe while interacting positively with those who have different points of view.

Whether you homeschool or not I think it is important to allow children to identify their own political path. It doesn’t matter which party they end up affiliating with; what matters is that they are passionate about this country and the direction it is heading. Don’t label your children instead allow them to find their own individual niche in life. I truly believe that this is the best way to raise children into happy, healthy and productive adults.






2 thoughts on “Raising Political Kids

  1. I am Canadian but my husband has been so engrossed in American politics since he was a kid, I have often thought he should have an honourary vote. His passion for politics, Canadian, American and worldwide, have infused his children for sure! Challenging to listen to teenager thoughts that run directly contrary to our own at times though. Remembering that they are in the phase to try out thoughts is helpful. I know I would have voted very differently at 16 & now at 44. Even in the same household, my husband and I don’t always see everything the same (we recently had a referendum on proportional representation). And it’s useful for the kids to see how we engage in discussions of differing thoughts.

    1. I agree it is definitely helpful for kids to witness first hand how different ideas can be shared and expressed. I love that you are raising political kids as well and allowing them to express their individual ideas. So important for todays youth to learn how to engage in lively discussion without it turning negative.

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