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One of the benefits of living in the city is that we do have access to a variety of restaurants that offer delivery. We typically avoid eating out too much due to the high cost and the lack of nutritional value in restauraunt food. With this being said there are times when our hectic life gets in the way of our routine and we fall back on pizza delivery or a run through the local drive thru.

The past two weeks have been beyond chaotic and I am currently recovering from a bout of pneumonia so we have taken advantage of two popular delivery services for dinner. Last week we tried out Uber Eats and tonight we used Grub Hub to deliver our dinner. After trying out both services I decided to share our experience for those who might be interested in trying out either of these companies. I hope you find the following information helpful.

Last week we gave Uber Eats a try and placed an order from McDonald’s. The ordering process was fairly simple and once the order was placed we received a confirmation and the time we could expect delivery. Once our order was picked up I could see a picture of the individual carrying our order with a description of his vehicle. We were also able to track him through the app and see his real time location. My kids really enjoyed tracking our delivery. Our delivery was ontime and I was really happy with the way the order was packaged. I had placed an order for a frappe and that was inside the sealed McDonald’s bag. The bag had three tamper proof seals. Everything arrived hot and we had an enjoyable dinner.

Tonight we decided to give Grub Hub a try and we placed an order with our local Burger King. Again the order process was very easy and we instantly received a text confirmation and the eatimated time for our delivery. The wait time was considerably longer but that could be due to the time we placed our order. We were given an estimated delivery time of 7:35 thru 7:40pm. At 7:45 we received notification that our order was ready and had been picked up by a driver. Only the driver’s first name was given and no photo or car information was provided. Our food’s ETA changed to 7:50 but the tracking information didn’t update in real time so the kids were bummed that we couldn’t see the driver move on the map. At 8:00pm the driver arrived with food in hand. The first thing that really bothered me was that my drink was not packaged with the food. The second thing that I didn’t care for was the way the bag was sealed. There was only one sticker closing the bag with large gaps on either side so definitely the potential for food to be tampered with. The food itself arrived cold and we were missing a straw and the kids were missing one chicken nugget from each of the kids meal.

After trying out both services I don’t think I would use Grub Hub again. While it wasn’t terrible I just felt like Uber Eats goes above and beyond to make customer’s feel safe using the service.

Let me know if you have tried either of these services and what your experience was like?




FTC Disclosure- This review is unsolicited and I am not receiving any compensation from either Uber Eats or Grub Hub. The review above is my personal opinion based on my personal experiences.

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