What About Physical Education?

Running to the finish line!

What about physical education? This is a question that I get asked quite often by those who are curious about how we make homeschooling work for our family. Physical education is actually one of the easiest things that I have been able to incorporate into our daily routine. It’s not difficult to get kids up and moving around when you remove the electronics and steer them outside. We like to visit different parks in our area and we have found great places to hike and adventure. Not only do the kids get a ton of exercise but my husband and I also benefit from these activities.

Beautiful hiking trails

Just today we discovered beautiful trails where simple workout stations were set up at every 1/8 mile marker. The kids had a blast trying out each exercise and jogging from station to station. Within 20 mins we all had a pretty good workout and we were feeling the burn. We will definitely be visiting this park again in the near future.

Balancing Act

I will admit that it is easier to get our physical activity in when the weather is warm but even on cold or yucky days, it is simple enough to add to our routine. Sometimes we put on the radio and dance around (cardio), we do a sit-up and push up challenge in our living room and when we get stir crazy we walk at our local Walmart making a point to walk up and down every aisle.

All three of my kiddo’s worn out from their hike 🙂

My kids get a lot of physical education and we are always discussing ways to be healthy and the importance of proper nutrition. We don’t really follow a physical education curriculum instead we have made fitness and nutrition a part of our lives. It doesn’t matter if you homeschool or not getting your kids active while teaching proper nutrition is the best way to set them up to be healthy adults.

How do you incorporate healthy living and fitness into your family’s routine?


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