Rock Hunting


We just recently learned about a new trend where individuals paint rocks with inspirational messages and hide them in public places. When you find the rock you are supposed to snap a picture with it, post it to social media and then rehide the rock for someone else to enjoy. I love this idea and we heard about this a few weeks ago but we just found our very first rock. We were enjoying a lovely day at the park walking the hiking trails when we saw a pink egg-shaped rock nestled into the base of a tree trunk. We stopped to look at it and saw a beautiful message that said: “You’re Beautiful”.  We took a picture with the rock and then hid the rock in a new location for someone else to stumble across like we did.

The kids and I are going to grab some smooth rocks and paint our own messages on them. We were thinking about doing interesting nature facts for people to enjoy (sneaking education into our arts & craft project). Once we have them completed we will take them out to various places and hide them so that we can contribute to this wonderful trend.

Have you ever heard of this trend? Have you found a rock with a special message? If so comment below with the message that touched your heart.

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