Heat Wave


We have just begun the month of June and already we are experiencing a heat wave with temps in the nineties.  Normally the heat doesn’t bother me too much but the house we are renting does not have central air and at this moment in time we are not sure if we want to risk putting in a window unit.  Our neighborhood has had issues with break-ins and apparently having a window unit is just asking for a break in, so while we determine our options we are doing our best to deal with the heat.

We have tried pretty much every hack that we could find on the internet and while some of them have worked most of them have been a bust. Right now what has worked is having a fan pointing out from an upstairs window drawing the heat out of the house while circulating as much cool air as possible downstairs.

This has been a great way to illustrate to the kids how warm air rises because it is less dense than cooler air. We have also been tracking humidity levels and temperatures and this has led to a lot of discussion and research regarding weather. When you look for them, teachable moments, crop up everywhere.

This heat wave is expected to last clear through next week so we will continue to identify different ways to stay cool. Dinners are going to be simple and easy meals that do not require the oven so bring on tuna sandwiches, pasta salads, and fresh fruit and veggie platters. If you have tried and true hacks to stay cool this summer please share I would love to hear your ideas. I would also love to hear about the recipes you fall back on when it is too stifling to turn on the stove.

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