What on earth is that?

Harmonia axyridis-larvae-2-l
Photo Credit: http://www.ladybug-life-cycle.com

What on earth is that? This was the question that sprang from my lips earlier this evening while the kids and I were out in the garden. We found the strangest looking bug, it was similar to a caterpillar but not quite. This little bug had some intense colors on him and instead of being fuzzy like a traditional caterpillar he almost looked rubbery. After a few hours of searching pictures of bugs on the internet we finally were able to identify who are little friend was, turns out it is a ladybug larvae.

The kids and I learned all about the life cycle of a ladybug and learned that the life cycle is very much like the life cycle of the butterfly. We spent over an hour reading about ladybugs and then we went in search of more and found numerous larvae and ladybugs in the garden. We had so much fun playing in the garden and learning about our little insect friends. I will post the links to some of the websites we visited if you would like to learn more about these interesting little creatures.

What is the most interesting thing you have discovered while playing in the garden or outdoors?



Ladybug Life Cycle

Ladybug Life Cycle




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