Proud to be “Working class”!!

I posted this on Facebook a few days  ago and decided to include it over here on the blog.  I am passionate about shaking off the stereotypes often associated with the “working class”.  I look forward to any feedback that you may have regarding this topic.


Over the past few years I have heard more and more individuals make derogatory comments about the “working class”. There are those who seem to think that individuals who are “working class” are nothing more than uneducated yokels, incapable of reason. This bothers me immensely because I am “working class” and I am far from uneducated. In fact most of the “working class” people I know are intelligent, reasonable, hard-working individuals who care about their families and their communities.

If you aren’t sure what the term working class means here is the definition of “working class”: the social group consisting of people who are employed for wages, especially in manual or industrial work. Basically, anyone who has to work for a living and/or works in a field that requires physical labor is “working class”. Doesn’t this describe most Americans? How many of are able to get by without earning a wage? How many of us are employed in fields that require physical labor? The working class is what built this country and it is this group of people that will keep our country going. In fact when the economy tanks, and it will, it will be the “working class” that the “elite” will turn to for assistance.

The majority of American’s are “working class” and we have a right to voice our opinions. We are not unintelligent bumpkins without an understanding of life. In fact we have a greater understanding of what is happening around us because we are part of it and every day we struggle to get through to the next. We understand the rising cost of health care because it is the “working class” that is affected the most. We can feel the racial, sexual, religious, and political tensions around us because those who are most affected are part of our group the “working class”.

I may be working class but I am an intelligent individual who can clearly see what is happening in this world. I see those who consider themselves to be the “elite” fight and stir up controversies in an attempt to disillusion the “working class”. I see young individuals who do not have a full understanding of what they are fighting for fight vehemently. I see individuals who choose to live in poverty so they can live off of the government dime. Our country is divided some say “working” class vs “elite” and others say we are divided “conservatives” vs. “liberals”. However you want to look at the fact is that our country is divided and this is not what our forefathers wanted for our country. One hundred and fifty seven years ago our country divided and it sent our nation into decades of destruction and despair. In fact over 750,000 soldiers lost their lives and it changed our nation forever. We survived the civil war but will we survive a repeat? My opinion as a “working class” American is no we won’t survive another war caused by divisive issues.

Instead of focusing on what divides us we need to start focusing on what connects each of us regardless of class or politics. Each of us wants to see a safer world, a more peaceful world and a place that we can be proud to raise our children. If we continue to focus on what divides us we will never have that safe stable environment for our children or for future generations.



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