My Thoughts on the Manhattan School That is to Cool for Books!!!


The principal of a Manhattan school is ridding the school of books because she believes them to be obsolete. This is horrifying to me as a book lover, a parent and as someone who has committed to being a life long learner. While I agree that children should have access to new technology I disagree completely that books are obsolete. I would argue that in this day and age of technology that books are more important than ever.

Everything these days is connected to the internet and this makes the process of finding information ridiculously easy but finding information is not the same thing as learning. Sure if you want to know who our 14th president was you can ask Google and find out super fast that it was Franklin Pierce. You retrieved the information you needed but did you learn anything? Will you remember in the future that it was Franklin Pierce? The answer is no.

Unfortunately, with Google classrooms becoming a common teaching tool being employed all across the United States very few students are actually learning. This is evident when we look at how students are performing on state assessments in English and Math. Books are not obsolete in fact I would argue that they are becoming more important than ever because it is the only true way to ensure that students are learning and retaining information.

Over the years I have been ridiculed for my decision to homeschool and I have had people tell me that my lack of a teaching certificate will result in my children being uneducated. The truth is my children are receiving an amazing education and are ahead of their peers in every subject because we employ books. I have a mini library in my house because I believe that surrounding children with good books that cover a variety of topics and genres is the best way to feed their minds. They still have access to technology and my four year old can maneuver the internet with the same agility and speed as my older two kids but books will always remain a focus in this home and in our school.

You can read the article about what is happening at the Life Sciences Secondary School at the following link:

What do you think about schools getting rid of textbooks and replacing them with laptop computers?

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