A Child’s Imagination Can Lead to Self-Directed Learning

My oldest son is ten years old and he is one of the most imaginative and creative people I have ever known. Earlier this afternoon he was asking his dad if it was possible that there could be an unknown planet somewhere far away in the solar system where dinosaurs still lived. My husband is a bit of a science buff and he immediately squashed the idea of this unknown planet and this led to a heated debate between my husband and myself. My husband wants to ensure that our kids have a full understanding of science and that they are able to discern truth and myth easily. I agree with him completely on this topic but I do believe that it is okay to allow kids to ponder what ifs.

What ifs not only stimulate imagination and creativity but they can inspire self-directed learning into the topics that interest our children. My husband is still nervous that our oldest will be unable to discern reality from fantasy but I have a feeling that Robert will walk away with a greater understanding of outer space, dinosaurs and science in general. I explained to my husband that one day Robert will be more interested in girls and getting his driver’s license than anything else. Right now he is still our little boy and it is okay for him to ponder the what ifs of the world.  Letting our kids activate their imaginations is one of the best things we can do for our kids because it makes learning fun which in turn will help them learn more. My husband and I may have differing views on this but my husband trusts me to provide the best possible education for our children.

Do your children have active imaginations? Do you and your spouse ever disagree over parenting or schooling topics and if so how do you tackle those disagreements?

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