A Kids Perspective of Homeschooling!

18056834_1106475292832009_6436382885589275487_n(1)People often want to know how my kids feel about being homeschooled. I decided today to sit down with my oldest son Robert and get his feedback. My daughter has never experienced school in a traditional setting this is just the way things are for her and she is okay with that. My son, on the other hand, has been to a traditional school so he knows what he is and isn’t missing. So here are the questions I asked him and his responses. I hope this will give those curious about homeschooling a different perspective to consider that of the student.
Do you miss going to public school? No
You don’t miss recess, or riding the bus, or hanging out with friends? “No, because I felt like everything was really rushed. There wasn’t time to hang out with friends and recess was really short. I felt like I was constantly in a rush and being timed. It was crazy for me.”
Do you like being homeschooled? “Yes, because I have fun learning now. I can learn on my own time and if I need more time I can take more time with something. Math is hard for me and sometimes it takes me a while to figure out the problems. I like being able to sleep in later too. I used to hate having to get up so early for school now I have time to wake up before working on stuff. I like being able to spend more time with my family. We get to do lots of field trips and go to the library every week which is fun.” 
What about socialization? A lot of people think that because you are homeschooled that you miss out on being able to make friends. How do you feel about that?“They are so wrong. When I was in public school I had a hard time making friends because there was a lot of bullying. Now I can make friends anywhere. I meet kids my age all the time at the park or at church. It is hard to make friends in public school because the bullies make it hard for kids to be friends with one another. Now I don’t have to worry about bully’s because I can make friends who are interested in the same things I am and there isn’t pressure from other kids.” 
What is your favorite part of homeschooling? “Field trips. I like when we can go do things. I loved going to the Art Museum and it was cool going to a farm and learning about how the farm was run.”
Is there anything about homeschooling that you don’t like? “Math drills I don’t like them and when your mom is your teacher you can’t get out of doing them.” 
What advice would give a parent who is considering homeschool as an option for their kids? “Do lots of research and give your kids lots of books to learn with. Also, a quiet work area where there are no distractions and they can concentrate on their work. Let your kid decide how they want to work sometimes I like to listen to music while I do my math. Find out what your kids are interested in and help them get involved in that like I love to draw and my mom gives me paper and art pencils when I need them. “
Robert really does enjoy homeschooling and it shows in his work and his demeanor. When he was attending a traditional school he often came home with slumped shoulders and a look of defeat. Public school was very hard for him and he did experience quite a bit of bullying because he wore glasses and because of his love for drawing. Now he can be himself and focus on the things that he is passionate about. While both Robert and I enjoy homeschooling this doesn’t mean that every day is picture perfect. We have days where I want to pull my hair out and he is in tears because a math topic is giving him trouble. When we have situations like this though we are able to step away and find a different approach. Homeschooling is hard work but it does pay off in a big way. I am so proud of each of my kids and it is amazing to be able to watch them learn and grow and become the wonderful humans that they are.
If you would like to ask Robert or me a question please feel free to do so we would love to answer them for you.

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  1. I love this! It’s always fun to hear from homeschooled kids. We are passionate homeschoolers. My two daughters are in college now and they each tell me they plan to homeschool their future children. My son is 14 and he loves the freedom of being homeschooled.

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