How Trial Sized Shampoo Bottles Can Save You Money!


When you have a large family that is comprised mostly of little ones you learn very quickly that some things like toilet paper and shampoo disappear very quickly. I still haven’t figured out a way to stop the hemorrhage of toilet paper in our home but I did discover a neat trick for making the shampoo last a little big longer.  Little kids have a very hard time measuring out the correct amount of shampoo to use on their hair and this leads to a waste of shampoo and excessive soap buildup in their hair.

I will never forget the one time my daughter came downstairs after her shower and I could see her hair was slick with shampoo. I discovered that she had used a half a bottle of shampoo on her hair and struggled to get it all out it took me almost 20 minutes to rinse it all out.

It didn’t seem to matter how many times I showed them the correct amount to use because they always used way more than necessary. My daughter complained that it was because the bottles were too big and it was hard to squeeze a small amount and that it came out of the bottle too quickly.  One day while walking around our grocery store I happened to pass the trial size section in the health and beauty department and noticed that the little shampoo bottles were the perfect size for little hands.  I purchased several, one for each child, and filled them halfway with shampoo and gave them to the kids. I was surprised to find that it really did work because the bottles are smaller they have more control over how much shampoo comes out and it saves me money because we are no longer throwing shampoo down the drain.

This little trick may not save you hundreds of dollars a year but it will save you money because it will reduce the amount of shampoo being washed down the drain and it will shorten shower time. It can take a long time to rinse half a bottle of shampoo from your hair but just a few minutes to rinse away the correct amount. This means that alongside your savings in shampoo you can save a little money on your water bill as well. Every little bit does count in the long run, now, I just need to figure out away to stop the waste of toilet paper in our house.


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