DIY Lunchables under 50 cents a piece

My kids love Lunchables but the cost to purchase these products for three kids is outside of my grocery budget. This is why I decided to start making them from scratch and I was surprised to find that I can make ten days worth of Lunchables for three kids for under 50 cents a piece. Not only can I save a ton of money making these from scratch but I get to control the ingredients and I can limit the number of preservatives and artificial ingredients they consume. Here are the items you need to have on hand to make these affordable lunches:

1 box of crackers (cracker rounds or saltines work great)

1 package of American Cheese slices ***

1/2 pound of deli turkey,  ham or salami lunchmeat

1 package of cookies

1 box of juice boxes (we purchase the Kool-aid brand boxes because they are under $2.00 a piece at our local grocery store, I purchased 3 of them for my three kids)

Each lunch is made up of 1 slice of meat, 4 crackers and 4 slices of cheese and then they each get a cookie and a lunch box on the side.

The key to making this work is making sure the kids aren’t snacking away on these ingredients throughout the week. I have a four-year-old Juice box addict so I have to put these up on a high shelf out of sight and out of mind.  The cookies are also placed up high and away from the kids.

You can easily make the Pizza Lunchables using a half of a toasted English Muffin, a tbsp of pizza sauce and a sprinkle of Mozzarella cheese.

I love these because I can give my kids something fun for lunch and I can change ingredients up here and there to give them variety and my kids love them because they are fun to put together and they taste great too.

** My oldest son has a milk allergy so I swapped out his American Cheese with Go Veggie Cheese so that he doesn’t miss out on the full Lunchable experience. These are great if you have food allergies to milk or gluten because you can swap out the crackers as well for a gluten free option.

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