Fresh Start

Late last year I decided to start blogging about my life as a homeschooling mom. I really enjoy writing and I love talking about my favorite topics which are homeschooling, books, recipes and family life. I started my very first blog under the name of Hectic Eclectic Homeschooler but I began to realize that I had boxed myself in because I wanted to talk about a variety of topics, not just homeschooling. Don’t misunderstand I love homeschooling and it is still a very large part of my life and I will still be talking about a variety of homeschooling topics but I wanted to share other areas of my life as well. This is what led me to my fresh start. Not only was I  frustrated with the direction that my first blog was going but I was not happy with the site that I was utilizing to host my blog. After a great deal of thought I finally decided to make a change but this time I did my research and some soul searching so that I wouldn’t wind up in the same place again. I want this blog to be an expression of my thoughts, my opinions, as well as my journey through life as I balance raising three kids, homeschooling and managing our household. I am excited to begin my fresh start to see where it will take me and I hope that along the way I can help inspire, support and encourage other homeschoolers and mama’s out there that are working hard to take care of their families.10678815_534544686691742_2493546144511097410_n


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