Flexible Weekly Meal Plan

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Last week I wrote about how I am able to spend under $450 a week for our groceries. We are a family of five and in order to stick to a strict budget, I rely heavily on my meal planner to stay organized and on track. I utilize a flexible meal planner that outlines the meals that I will cook throughout the week without locking me into a rigid schedule. My life is pretty hectic and I have learned that flexibility is the key to keeping things less stressful. If you have shied away from meal planners in the past because of the rigid schedule take a look at mine to see if it could work for your family.


Flexible Meal Plan

Shopping Day 3/9/17

Meals will cover 3/9- 3/16

Meals for the week                                 Nights covered

Pizza & salad                                                      1

Spaghetti, garlic bread & salad                      2

Chicken & Potato’s                                            1

Cheesy omelets & toast                                    1

Chicken Alfredo                                                2

Make Ahead Meals


Chicken Alfredo

Quick Prep

Cheesy Omelets


Chicken & Potato’s

Breakfast Options

* Eggs, pancakes, blueberry granola cereal

Lunch Options

* Peanut butter & Jelly sandwiches

* Ham & cheese sandwiches

* Grilled Cheese


* carrot sticks, pretzel sticks, applesauce, hard-boiled eggs, and vanilla yogurt with granola


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