Cabin Fever

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It is official each one of us has come down with a case of Cabin Fever. Two weeks ago we were reveling in 65-degree weather and then old man winter returned. Biting wind and chilly temperatures have forced us back into hibernation. I am holding out hope that warm temperatures and the sunshine will soon return because spring is only eight days away. In the mean time we are battling the following symptoms:
*lack of concentration
*overall feeling of blah
If your family is experiencing any of the symptoms above then you may have a case of cabin fever as well. Here in the Midwest we are used to catching a case of cabin fever at least once a year. The hardest part of cabin fever is homeschooling while suffering the above symptoms. This is why we have slowed down and reduced our workload. We have been snuggling up under thick blankets and enjoying quality reading time and trying to think spring thoughts. If your family is feeling winter time blahs take it easy and use this time to catch up on your reading list. Soon warmer temperatures will arrive and we will again be able to bask in the warmth of the sun. 
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