Leprechaun Traps A Family Tradition


It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the start of 2017 and now we are just about two weeks away from St. Patrick’s day. The kids have already started to create their ideas for their leprechaun traps a tradition that we started seven years ago when Robert was just three years old.
 It all started when he asked what a leprechaun was and I told him about the Irish myth of the leprechaun and that if you catch one you can make him tell you where he had hidden his gold. Robert loved this so much that we created our very first trap which was simply a paper cup propped up by a popsicle stick. We set this up the night before St. Patrick’s day with bait (lucky charms of course) and in the morning the trap had been triggered. The sneaky little leprechaun had disappeared but he had left behind chocolate covered coins wrapped in gold foil.
 Every year since each of my kids has attempted to catch themselves a leprechaun.  Robert and Madeline have figured out that it is mom who sets off the traps but they still love this tradition. March 1st they begin their countdown as well as their sketches for their traps. They have to use things from around the house which really forces them to get creative and every year they surprise me with their ingenious ideas.
I love our little tradition and I hope it will continue for many more years. I know that eventually, they will outgrow this but hopefully, when they have little ones of their owns they will again set out to capture a leprechaun.

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