Inauguration Day!!!

Today was a very exciting day in our homeschool as we witnessed the transition of the White House from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. For over a year we have been closely watching the election process and discussing how our government works. I think that it so important to teach kids how the government works as well as the importance of participating in the process once they become of an age to vote. We used the election to teach the importance of being informed, to practice decorum and to be active in the voting process. 
Social media has its ups and its downs. It is great to be able to connect so easily with one another and with people all across the world but it also has a downside. The biggest downside is that social media blur’s the truth when it comes to information. False information gets passed around so quickly and eventually, it becomes true to the masses. In our homeschool, we discussed the importance of checking to make sure that information is coming from a legitimate source. When you are participating in the electoral process you want to make sure that you are informed and that the information you have is accurate. 
Another important lesson we derived from this election is the importance of decorum. People get heated very quickly over politics but it is important to treat one another with respect and dignity. It is okay that we have differing opinions and we should use those differences to spark a dialogue that can lead to resolutions, not violence. 
The final lesson that we learned this past year in our homeschool is the importance of being an active voter. Voting is the only way to ensure that we have a voice in our government. So many individuals do not turn out to voting polls because they do not understand that they do have a voice when they vote. My kids were very interested in the electoral process and I have no doubt that when they become of age they will be active voters. 
Today we celebrated the election of our 45th President and it was amazing to watch history being made. Today was a celebration of our wonderful country and a celebration of democracy in action. The lessons we learned during this election will continue to be a part of our homeschool because I want to ensure that my children are active and productive members of society. I want them to remember that regardless of our differences we all have one thing in common. We are all American’s and we want what is best for future generations. 

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